The concept of "flow chemistry" defines a very general range of chemical processes that occur in a reaction zone that’s a continuous plug-flow stream.
Our manufacturing-systems are in need of fundamental redesign leading to safe, atom-&- energy efficient, highly controlled-processes and economically-competitive Green technologies.

This innovation results in transformations that reform the “eco-socio- technical” system at its very foundations; such “System-innovations” must be guided by strong visions on the future eco-sphere.
The art-&- science of Flow Chemistry – involves atom-&- energy efficient, highly-controlled reactions with short-routes / novel chemistry windows, very-low residence-times, resulting in high reaction-selectivity, product-purity, productivity; conducted safely and precisely in miniaturized highly-flexible continuous plug-flow reactors.
This technique results in very low downstream clean-up operations, drastic reduction in solvents, excess-reagents and energy – i.e. less waste generation and low carbon-footprint. The minimal size leads to high degree of reaction-control and hazard containment. Together, these process-intensification techniques provide the techno-commercial incentive to industry to conform to the principles of Green Chemistry.
This workshop aims to promote and assist in this transitioning from inefficient and waste-intensive processes to acceptable, resource-efficient alternatives that require significant change in approach and technologies which are more compatible with our envisioned sustainable world.

Workshop Highlights :

  • Industrial perspectives in Flow Chemistry
  • Safe production of / using hazardous chemicals
  • Novel catalytic & Bio-catalytic methodologies in flow
  • Tools : Static & Dynamic Flow Reactors & Pumps
  • Debunking “can’t-do myths” : multi-phase regimes for Gas/Liq/Slurries
  • Exploring new frontiers for Flow Chemistry

Participation focus – chief representatives from Management, R&D, R&T, production, operations and environmental health and safety sectors across the entire chemical industry spectrum.