IGCW 2017 Presentations

Speaker Title
Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director National Chemical Laboratories - (CSIR-NCL) Reducing the carbon footprint of chemical processes
Ashwini Kumar Nangia
Mr. Nitesh Mehta, Co-founder & Director, Green ChemisTree Foundation, India
Dr. Surendra Bhatia, SA-Director- Sapec Agro India
Identifying Challenging Chemistries in India – Priority for our R&D
Nitesh Mehta
Nitesh Mehta
Prof. Chao Jun Li, Professor (E.B. Eddy Chair), Canada Research Chair (Tier I)
in Green/Organic Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, McGill, Canada
Exploration of new reactivities towards future chemical sustainability
Chao Jun Li
Mr. Mark Dorfman, Biomimicry 3.8 Principal, Biomimicry 3.8, USA From Biomimetic Idea to Prototype: Key Factors for Success
Mark Dorfman
Dr. Pascal Metiver, R&I Science and Technology Director, Solvay, Belgium Embedding sustainability within research & innovation
Pascal Metiver
Dr. Sandeep Mohanty, Director - Process Innovation, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., India Radical approach to simplicity in process design
Sandeep Mohanty
Dr. Ashok Menon, Global Technology Leader, Life Cycle Assessment, Corporate Sustainability Division, SABIC India Pvt. Ltd. Business value of Life Cycle assessment
Ashok Menon
Dr. P.L. Srinivas, Head, API R&D at Cipla Ltd., India Green for good – every step counts (Journey to Implementation of Green Chemistry Principles)
 P L Srinivas
Prof. C. Oliver Kappe, Kappe, Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz, Austria The Use of Continuous Flow Technology for the Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Dr. Anuj Mittal, VP R&D, PI Industries Ltd., India Process Control: key to achieve, remove, reduce and recycle
Mr. Ravi Raghavan, Editor, Chemical Weekly, India future of chemical industry – Impact of green chemistry and engineering
Ravi Raghavan
Speakers Theme Photo
Dr. John Warner, Co-Founder, 12 Principles of Green Chemistry Green Chemistry: Means to pollution prevention at source and sustainable growth. John Warner
Dr Bettina Rechenberg, UBA (German Environmental Agency) Pollution Prevention approach, models & success stories from German Environmental Agency Bettina Rechenberg
Dr. David Constable, Director, ACS-Green Chemistry Institute, USA Role of Environmental Regulatory bodies in driving Green Chemistry implementation – global case-studies & insights. David Constable
Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur, India Sustainable Technologies for better Compliance & Governance rakesh kumar
Mr. Bimal Goculdas, Chairman - Sustainability Committee,
Indian Chemical Council (ICC); &
CEO, The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co. Ltd.
Chemical Industry Perspectives – Pollution Control & Prevention Bimal Goculdas
Dr. Amar Supate, Principal Scientist, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Mr. Nitesh Mehta, Convener 5 th IGCW-2017 Concluding remarks & acknowledgement Nitesh mehta Amar Supate
Topic Speaker
Inauguration Guest of Honour Dr. Antony Melvin Crasto Renowned Organic Chemist Antony Melvin
Introduction to FLOW CHEMISTRY Asif T. Rangwala, MD: ATR-Asahi Process Systems P.Ltd. Dir.-Flow Chemistry Society-India Chp. Asif T. Rangwala
On-Demand On-Site Continuous Processing – The Concept of “Chemical Generators” in Modern Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Manufacturing Prof. C. Oliver Kappe,Univ of Graz, CCFLOW (Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis) C. Oliver Kappe
Continuous Flow Processes – A new paradigm in Organic Synthesis Prof. Anil Kumar, IIT-Bombay, Dept.of Chemistry, VP-Flow Chemistry Society-India Chp. Anil Kumar
Intensifying Research using Flow Chemistry Manjinder Singh Phull, Unit-Head, API-R&D, CIPLA-Ltd., Chairman : Flow Chemistry Society – India Chp. Manjinder Singh
Enzyme Immobilization as an enabler for Biocatalysis in Flow Dr. Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, Co-founder & CEO of EnginZyme AB,Sweden Bio-catalysis immobilization for Flow Karim Engelmark Cassimjee
Tool Box for Flow Chemistry & Downstream Ops + Industrial Examples – Indian & Global Mr. Vijay Kirpalani, CEO: Pi-Process Intensification Exp. LLP President : Flow Chemistry Society – India Chp. Vijay Kirpalani
New Drug Discovery – Accelerated approach using Flow Sandip Darji, Dy.Gen.Mgr. - Global Process & Technology, API, SUN Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Sandip Darji
Interactive Panel Discussion & Steps to Implement Green Flow Chemistry in Industry Panel Lead
Sharat Narsapur,Jt.MD : Sequent Scientific Ltd. Dir.-Flow Chemistry Society-India Chp.
Sharat Narsapur
Speaker Photo
Dr. David Constable, Science Director, American Chemical Society- Green Chemistry Institute, USA David Constable
Dr. Ingrid Mergelsberg, Director - Process Chemistry, MSD, USA Ingrid Mergelsberg
Dr. Rajappa Vaidyanathan, Group Director & Head of Chemical, Synthetic and Analytical Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb in Bangalore, India. Rajappa Vaidyanathan
Speakers Title Photos
Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia Director, National Chemical Laboratories – (CSIR –NCL), India Reducing the carbon footprint of chemical processes Prof. Ashwini Kumar
Dr Avtar Singh Matharu, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE), University of York, UK Industry – Research Institutes collaborative models – global best practices avtar_singh
Prof. Chao-Jun Li (E.B. Eddy Chair), Canada Research Chair(tier I) in Green / Organic Chemistry, Dept Of Chemistry, University Mcgill, Canada Exploration of new reactivities towards future chemical sustainability avtar_singh
Dr. S.S. Tambe, Chair, Chemical Engg. & Process Devt. Div.
Dr. C.v Rode, Chief Scientist, Chemical Engg. & Process Devt. Div., National Chemical Laboratories
Overview of water treatment & continuous flow chemistry process.
Catalytic Valorization of Biomass Derived Platform Molecules
Dr. Amit Bansiwal, principal Scientist, SCIR-NEERi Natural Inspired Ready to Deploy Technologies for Environmental Remediation
Dr. B. China Raju Principal Scientist, SCIR-Indian Institure of Chemical Technology, India CSIR-IICt's Contributions Towards the Technology Development
Dr. S. Sawarnalatha Scientist, Environmental Technology CSIR-Central Leather Reaserch Institute, India CSIR- CLRI's Wasterswater Treatment Technologies for Industries to Meet Environmental Standards